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Discover what the FinTech market place has to offer. Including what banks and challenger banks offer and what makes CoinCoach unique.

An overview of what CoinCoach does

With many banks or financial institutions to keep your money in, it’s not surprising that many of us have multiple accounts. When looking for such accounts, we naturally try to find the best accounts for us in terms of both trust and features available. As a result, this can leave us with a fragmented view of our finances as we have to keep an eye on multiple accounts at once. Furthermore, this is amplified when dealing with accounts across borders.

So from day one of designing CoinCoach we wanted to create a solid core for all things money in the simplest form possible. In addition, we wanted to create an app that would allow you to customise this core; that would allow you to leverage your data no matter which bank or financial institution you use; and that would ultimately give you a financial advantage. First and foremost, we wanted to build a solution with a primary focus on security to ensure your information and peace of mind.

It was never going to be easy to combine all the features we wanted to implement for Phase 1, let alone the full vision. Thankfully CoinCoach has an incredible team behind it who put user experience front and center. To give you a better sense of what CoinCoach will look and feel like, we’ve outlined the core features below.

"Our goal is to help take the time and effort out of managing money and simultaneously save you and your family money."
Morgan Kidd
Morgan Kidd

Founder & CEO


All features will be integrated and able to intelligently interact with each other. As a result, we’ll be able to offer an all-in-one financial app that will find you the best deal and doesn’t limit you to only one institution’s products or services. Moreover, as we’re not a bank and don’t offer competing financial products we are able to remain impartial.

Centralised Dashboard

Technology has come a long way over the last few years and regulation is catching up too. As a result, there is no need for managing your money to be a frustrating, confusing or tiresome process. This is why we’ve made easy and beautiful money management obtainable by offering the ability to link and centralise your accounts and cards in minutes, for free and across borders.

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can add charts to your dashboard and customise it to your financial situation. As we progress you’ll be able to create separate shared dashboards to share with anyone of your choosing.

Ways to Save

It can be time consuming to analyse your finances across multiple accounts or frustrating to login to each platform and try to find the same information/chart type. That’s why we’re making this effortless and automating this process.

Our algorithms will automatically analyse your finances to give you tailored insights and find you Ways to Save. Our goal is to make it super easy for you to never overpay for your bills again. You’ll even be able to choose to automatically switch certain providers, saving you money as you sleep. CoinCoach will be putting money back into your pocket.

Simplifying Subscriptions

We’ve personally been caught out by a subscription or two that we’ve forgotten and over time has cost us. This frustrated our founder while working in numerous countries. He’s not alone, 84% of people have a subscription they have forgotten about. Consequently, we’re simplifying things by making one simple area to see all paid subscriptions and bills together.

Don’t forget that everything we do is interconnected so CoinCoach will also be able to find Ways to Save for your paid subscriptions and bills. For example, with your permission we can even automatically switch you to the best deal, saving you time and money.


Many apps force you to pay to add as many budgets as you need. We believe in making money management accessible and to us that means free and easy to use.

Thus, with CoinCoach you’ll be able to set as many budgets as needed and be able to make sure you don’t overspend. So, it’s easy to always know how much you can spend at any moment to stay in budget. Moreover, you’ll be able to also receive spending notifications and custom analysis to help you optimise your spending within your budgets. It’ll even possible to manually add cash transactions and attribute that spending to specific budgets if needed.

Achieving your Goals

We want you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Setting goals is a great way to work towards achieving your dreams.

So, if you want to reduce spending or save up for for a wedding, holiday, new car or home, goals will be for you. Within goals you can manually top up your goal or automatically set aside money over a time period you set. You’ll also be able to round up spending to save towards your goals, and even do all this while making sure you don’t go overdrawn or below a limit you set. If you have goals on other platforms, we also plan to implement goal tracking so you can centralise all your goals in a simple and intuitive way.

Open Banking

As you might have guessed, we’re leveraging Open Banking in order to allow you to link and manage all your financial accounts and cards within CoinCoach. As a result, this allows us to bring you these features as well as some really awesome features we have planned. With Open Banking you’ll be able to see your transaction history across all your accounts. In addition, you’ll even be able to make payments from accounts through CoinCoach (with some institutions/providers).

This allows CoinCoach to be your one stop shop for all things finance, in one intuitive and beautiful app. A super app that’s there to put money back in your pocket and help you gain understanding and insight into your finances. An app that’s there for you and your family.


From the day CoinCoach was envisaged, we wanted to create a solution that you can trust. In addition, we want to create an intuitive and beautiful experience that goes above and beyond, putting the power in your hands and money back in your pocket. As a result, the features we offer are all integrated to work intelligently together to save you time and money in an all-in one finance app.

Utilising Open Banking allows you to link and also manage all your different accounts and cards in one place. Consequently, it allows CoinCoach to help you visualise and analyse all your data effortlessly. Thus, giving you unique insights, Ways to Save, history of transactions and even (with some providers) make payments from your accounts within CoinCoach.

Our goal is to help take the time, effort and stress out of managing finances and simultaneously save you and your family money. CoinCoach can essentially become your free all-in-one finance app.

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