Our free FinTech solution and why we're called CoinCoach

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The foundation our name is built on

Before we thought of a name for our FinTech app we wanted to first focus on the most important aspect, benefiting the lives of our users and making sure that, at our core, we’re focused on giving our users a financial advantage for free.

We decided to utilise Open Banking. Thus, allowing us to offer a customisable dashboard where you can centralise and visualise what’s most important to you. In addition, we wanted to make shareable dashboards, so you can share what you need to with family or friends. Moreover, we wanted to give you the power of budgets, goal setting and, most importantly, we wanted to give you a cross border financial advantage. That’s why we will use algorithms and machine learning to help you analyse your spending and find you Ways to Save. 

These features will all come together for free in one app and help you save effortlessly. So, what name would we come up with and why?

"At our core we're focused on helping you, our users, achieve a financial advantage. If you win, we win."
Morgan Kidd
Morgan Kidd

Founder & CEO

Finding inspiration

We sat down and brainstormed an exhaustive list of names. These were inspired by our core values and features, as well as FinTech companies, Banks and Challenger Banks across the globe.

We had numerous discussions to whittle down different names. So, eventually we got down to a list of thirty names. So, we decided to talk to our users, to ask why they thought we chose each name. Needless to say, their responses were insightful, humorous and eye opening.

With this amazing feedback in hand, we narrowed the names down to the top three. At this point, further inspiration hit after we were reminded of an old proverb; “Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves”.

We felt our FinTech app was similar to a digital coach as it helps you to optimise your finances. Moreover, the app/coach helps you look after the pennies (coins) effortlessly. Thus, CoinCoach made it to the finish line.

We found other benefits to the name CoinCoach. For example, it was found to be easily understood during tests with users from around the world. In addition, we will be adding the ability to track all your wealth, including crypto. So, having “Coin” in the name helps with this association globally too.

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Be notified when we go live! Sign up below!

(We promise to only send you relevant emails!)

Be notified when we go live! Sign up below!

(We promise to only send you relevant emails!)

Be notified when we go live! Sign up below!

(We promise to only send you relevant emails!)

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